Fine art Photography & Special FX


Undoubtedly one of the more creative and expressive photography genres – using a technique called compositing. Compositing is the creative process of assembling and combining various photos, illustrations or rendered elements from multiple sources, to create a final lifelike illusion or fantastical visual effect, producing truly stunning photography. Over 10 years Equinox Studios has explored and continually perfected this art form bringing it not only into a genre of its own at Equinox Studios but also using this technique to enhance family and friends photography, new born, modelling shoots and even weddings.

Photography is indeed an art form in itself, compositing and blending takes it to a new level where photos can take-on a whole new dimension of expression.

In addition to various commission projects, Equinox Studios also has a few Special FX projects of its own, including “Super Heros and Villains” series  and “Once Upon A Time” series, inspired by the ABC television series of the same name. These, along with more Special FX composts can be seen in the gallery.

Want to turn your CosPlay into a work of art?

  What I love most about cosplayers (aside from their obvious creativity!) is their unrelenting passion for what they do, the time and dedication, the long nights that are put into their cosplay costume creations. Although events such as ComicCon are reason enough to parade in cosplay, how fantastic would it be to have your very own work of art, on canvas or aluminum to cherish forever? Well, contact us and we will make it happen.

We have a variety of CosPlay packages and print options available, contact us for more information.

Like what you see? you don’t even need a costume – take a look at Poison Ivy for instance!


Are you an artist?

  We are always looking for new ideas and new people to work with in all creative realms, be it makeup artistry, styling or modelling, so do please contact us!


We also have prints for sale!

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